Charles E. McDOUGALD
Rank: Police Officer
End of Watch: April 09, 1997
Tour of Duty 8 years
Assignment: Precinct 12
Age: 36
Shield Number 2778

Officer McDougald and another officer were shot at approximately 0045 hours after approaching a suspicious person who may have been stripping a car. As the officers approached, the suspect turned and fired at them. Officer McDougald was struck in the chest and died a short time later at the hospital. He was not wearing a vest at the time of the shooting.

The suspect, who had a previous history of violent crimes, was found guilty of murder of a police officer and attempted murder of a police officer and sentenced to life in prison.

Officer McDougald had served with the agency for 8 years and was assigned to Precinct 12. He is survived by his wife and four children.


100 Club Hero’s Profile

The 100 Club's 35th annual Heroes Award 1998

A Re-Print from The Publication of The 100 Club of Buffalo & Western New York Vol. 6 No. 1

Buffalo Police Department Officers Charles McDougald and Michael Martinez were shot at about 00:45 hrs on April 9, 1997 . The officers were approaching a suspicious person or persons who may have been stripping a car. As the officers approached the suspect turned and fired at them. Officer McDougald was struck in the chest and died a short time later at the hospital. Officer Martinez was struck in the ankle.

Charles “Skip” McDougald was an outstanding police officer, both brave & street smart, and he was  assigned to fight crime in some of city's most violent neighborhoods. During more than eight years on the police force, he received numerous praise from his superiors, his fellow officers and the public.

Officer McDougald was survived by his wife Sylvia McDougald and four children. Police Officer Charles E. McDougald, was not only a professional law enforcement officer, but was also a person rooted in giving back to his community, and dedicated to his involvement with youth and the church.

His partner, Police Officer Michael Martinez in time was able to return to active duty with the Buffalo Police Department, where he remains today serving the public, as a tribute to his commitment to the public protection.

In 1998, at the 100 Club's 35th annual Heroes Award Dinner we honored Charles McDougald & Michael Martinez and provided a financial assistance to family members.

And while Police Officer Charles E. McDougald's body has been laid to rest in Forest Lawn, his enduring spirit is among us. In the ensuing years since this tragedy, Western NY has remembered the spirit of Charles in many ways.

The City of Buffalo recently put up a street signs in his honor on Northampton Street .

Every November a 5K run called the “Charles E. McDougald Memorial Run and Wellness Walk” takes place at Daemen College . The popular public event is held Skip’s memory, who was a 1985 Daemen graduate. All event proceeds benefit the Charles McDougald Scholarship Fund. For those interested in future runs, the registration forms and additional race information can be obtained from the Daemen College Office of Student Affairs, 839-8332.

Years have past, since over 3,000 police officers and friends paid their respects and support to the McDougald's family at the Buffalo Convention Center . And by the end of the emotional and rousing service all of us knew the import of the loss of Charles E. “Skip” McDougald to our community’s social fabric.

If you find yourself in the State Capital at Albany , New York , walk over to the New York Police Officers Memorial Roll of Honor monument. You will find the price of crime free streets. As you walk along the long black monument, stop at panel section H and look towards the top. You will find BPD Police Officer Charles E. McDougald’s name etched as a permanent reminder of that price for a safe and free society.


And if you listen with the right kind of ears, you can hear the choir of blue that ended the Skip’s funeral service at Buffalo Convention Center in 1997 singing one of his favorite songs; “I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day. Spread my wings and I fly away. I believe I can soar…” Your spirit will always soar in our hearts Skip.



Tribute To

Charles E. McDougald

Hon. Jack Quinn - United States House of Representatives

Tuesday, Aprial 29, 1997 

    * Mr. QUINN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in memory of Officer Charles E. McDougald.

    * On April 9, 1997 , our Buffalo community suffered a tragic loss. One of the brave men and women who serve our city as police officers was senselessly murdered. That officer, Charles E. `Skip' McDougald, will not soon be forgotten.

    * Officer McDougald's 8 1/2 year career with the Buffalo Police Department was one full of integrity, genuine concern for the community as a whole, exemplary service, bravery, and professionalism. A recipient of the mayor's Award of Merit on two occasion for bravery and heroism, Skip McDougald was a vital component of our city's police department. In addition to the mayor's awards, Officer McDougald was also honored as a Police Benevolent Association Officer of the Month.

    * In recognition of his commitment to our community's protection, valor, bravery, and dedicated service to the Buffalo Police Department, Officer McDougald was awarded the prestigious Buffalo Police Department Medal of Honor posthumously, the first time the high honor has been bestowed upon an officer in 25 years.

    * But Skip McDougald's service to our community doesn't end there. In addition to his work as a police officer, he served as a substitute English teacher for the city school system. In every aspect, Officer McDougald dedicated his life to helping people--especially children. That dedication to public service will be his greatest legacy.

    * Mr. Speaker, today I would like to join with the city of Buffalo, the Buffalo Police Department, the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association, our entire western New York community, and indeed, a grateful nation, to honor Officer Charles E. McDougald, who is survived by his wife, Sylvia; his four children, Jovan, Diane, Chad, and Jennifer; and his partner, Officer Michael N. Martinez in recognition of his brave and devoted service.

    * To that end, I would like to convey to the McDougald family my deepest sympathies, and ask my colleagues in the House of Representatives to join with me in a moment of silence.