June 20th 2002

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Philip Francis, at his home in South Buffalo, he is doing well and celebrated his 84th birthday last November. We talked about his 41 year police career that started on February 12th 1941, and about the afternoon of September 12th 1953 when he was shot numerous times struggling with a burglary suspect in front of Precinct 6 on Main Street.

The wounds Lt. Francis received were so severe, they nearly took his life. Phil Francis tells of the bullet that is still lodged in is body, and of the long and painful recovery. 

Lt Francis, remarkably, returns to his police duties, and on January 12th 1968 is promoted to Police Captain, and on September 6th 1976, is again promoted, this time to the rank of Police Inspector, the highest civil service rank in the Buffalo Police Department.

Of the many achievements of Inspector Francis, was the drafting of the Buffalo Police Departments manual of
procedures, and he was also instrumental in setting up Buffalo Police Departments first 911 system in the early 1970's. He was a criminal justice instructor at Erie Community College North for 15 years.

Inspector Philip J. Francis retired from the Buffalo Police Department on July 1st 1982

It was a great pleasure for me, to meet and talk with Inspector Francis.




1953 News Article

Police Recruit Philip J. Francis March, 1, 1941