Rank: Patrolman
End of Watch: April 5, 1903
Tour of Duty: 8 Years
Assignment: Precinct 13
Age: 42

Ptl. Louis Wanner was an 8 year member of the Buffalo Police Department. He joined the ranks as a patrolman in 1895. His entire career was spent with the mounted division and in the Buffalo's Riverside section at Pct. 13.

On the afternoon of March 30, 1903 Ptl. Wanner worked a patrol post in the area of Riverside Park. At approximately 5:00pm that evening Ptl. Wanner was relieved of his post. The officer was reroute to the station house which was located on Austin Street.

As they approached Gurnsey Street the bit from the horse's rein somehow became lodged in its' mouth. The patrolman's horse suddenly bolted and was quickly at a full gallop.

Ptl. Wanner was recognized as one the finest riders in the department. He was however, unsuccessful in all attempts to bring his horse under control. At this point the horse was completely out of control.

Out of habit and instinct the horse recognized it was approaching Austin Street. The horse attempted to turn onto Austin in order to proceed to the station.

Unfortunately the road was wet. After having made the turn from Toanawanda Street onto Austin the horse lost its' footing and fell to the ground. The horse jumped to its' feet and continued to the precinct house, relatively unharmed.

Ptl. Wanner did not fare as well the animal. When the horse fell the officer was thrown over the animal's head and landed in the street quite a distance away. The injured officer was at once taken few remaining streets to the station house. A local physician examined the patrolman and advised he be immediately taken to a hospital.

An ambulance transported Ptl. Wanner to General Hospital. The officer was initially treated by Dr. Roswell Park. Dr. Park diagnosed a fracture at the base of Wanner's skull. It was determined that emergency surgery was required. This surgery proved to be of no use.

Ptl. William Wanner never regained consciousness and died of his injuries on April 5, 1903 at 6:10pm.

SOURCE: Buffalo Courier - March 31, 1903 - pg.7 Buffalo Courier - April 6, 1903 - pg. 6 Death Certificate: Louis Wanner