Timothy J. CANTLIN
Rank: Sergeant
End of Watch: January 12, 1896
Tour of Duty: 
Assignment: Precinct 7

He was shot and killed by another Patrolman at the corner of Van Renseller and Elk as he was walking the patrolman back to the station to report him to the Captain for drinking on duty. The patrolman was arrested and was executed a few months later
in Auburn State Prison. 

Sergeant Cantlin was shot and killed by a Buffalo Patrolman he planed to make a complain against. Sergeant Cantlin found the patrolman off his beat and inside a bar. When the Patrolman exited the bar, Sergeant Cantlin approached him and told him he was suspended. He ordered the Patrolman back to the station house where a complaint to the Captain would be filed. The Patrolman asked Sergeant Cantlin to forget about filing a complaint, but Sergeant Cantlin replayed "I can't do it, you have to go to the station house and see the Captain about it."

"Take than, then," the Patrolman said and he fired a shot into Sergeant Cantlin right side. Sergeant Cantlin fell to the ground and the Patrolman walked to the station house, telling the reserve officers inside that he was there to warm up.

Sergeant Cantlin had lay were he fell for half an hour, but never lost consciousness. Taking his whistle from his pocket he blew alarms until he attracted the attention of another Patrolman, who he told what had happened. Sergeant Cantlin was removed to the hospital where he later died.

The Patrolman who shot Sergeant Cantlin lit his pipe and chatted with the reserve officers for a short time and started out of the station house when the Patrolman who had found Sergeant Cantlin approached him and said "You are under arrest for shooting Sergeant Cantlin.