William Dreyer
Rank: Patrolman
End of Watch: November 2, 1896
Tour of Duty: 13 Years
Assignment: Precinct 7

Ptl. William Dreyer spent almost his entire career with the Buffalo Police Department assigned to Pct. 1., which was located downtown.

On October 22, 1896 Ptl. Dreyer was transferred to the city's 7th precinct. During the early hours of November 2 the patrolman was working a foot post. His assignment was the same area of the old First Ward where Sgt. Timothy Cantlin had been shot and killed just 11 months prior. At approximately 1:30am Ptl. Dreyer was in the process of patrolling the Lake Shore Rail tracks on Elk Street.

Just after a passenger train had passed the patrolman resumed his patrol of the railroad crossing.

Simultaneous to the passing of the first train another was backing down the tracks. Unaware of the approach of the second train Ptl. Dreyer remained on the tracks. Ptl. William Dreyer was struck by the second train, sustaining numerous and massive injuries.

The Fitch Ambulance service was summoned for the wounded officer. Ptl. Dreyer's injuries proved to be too severe. The officer lost both legs as well as an arm. Prior to the arrival of medical assistance Ptl. William Dreyer had died.

ironically, the location of Ptl. Dreyers death (Elk Street near Red Jacket Street) was probably less than 1,000 feet from the spot where Sgt. Cantlin had been killed (Elk Street at Van Rensellar).

SOURCE: Buffalo Courier: - November 2, 1896 Death Certificate: William Dreyer